East Coast (Batticaloa)


Here our guide takes you for the day, to show you around the small lanes and hidden treasures of the neighbouring villages… The bicycle rides are around 20 to 25 km long, split in various stretches of 4 to 5 km. For people who would be unable to ride bicycles, we can do the same itineraries by 3-wheeler, but bicycle is more fun!

Towards Mylambaveli

Tour highlights:

Walk in the bird sanctuary

Pujah in a Hindu Temple

Lunch with a local family and visit of a local farm

Demonstration of Palmyrah handicraft

Relaxation on Savukkady beach

Visit to the Lighthouse area

Ride along the beach and lagoon

Palamunai Colours

Tour highlights:

Ride along the beach and lagoon

Visit to the fish market

Observation of vegetable gardens

Visit to Kattankudy Heritage Museum

Discovering handloom handicraft

Lunch with a local family

Visit to Mosque and/or Madrasah



Meet Batticaloa people and let them teach you what they are good at: whether is it cooking, fishing or history, you are in good hands to get an invaluable glimpse into the secret passions of our local experts… Spices or fish, local history or life memories, we are sure you’ll go back home with plenty of stories to tell to your loved ones…

Let’s Cook and Fish!

Tour highlights:

Visit to Batticaloa market

Cooking class

Lunch with a family

Bicycle ride along Batticaloa lagoon

Visit to the lighthouse area

Fishing class with local fishermen

Historic Batticaloa

Visit to oldest local buildings

Insights into the Dutch, Portuguese and British architectures

Lunch with a local family

Visit to religious buildings of 4 faiths

Scars of recent history (war, tsunami)

Heritage Museum of Kattankudy



Let’s leave the main road… Let’s guide you inland, in-depth, to off-the-beaten-track rural villages. Luxuriant paddy fields, untamed wildlife, secret ponds, mighty rocks, cultivation areas… are just part of the experience. Be welcomed by real villagers in real villages, share a moment of their life, taste their food and get to know them…

A day in Kudumbimalai

Tour Highlights:

Bird watching

Climbing Kudumbimalai rock

Visit to the military museum

Lunch with a local family

Observing wildlife

Interacting with villagers

Discovering their activities

Boating in Unnichai

Tour highlights:

Visit to a village hindu temple

Visit to paddy fields and cultivation areas

Observing wildlife on the way

Chilling out / Bathing / Walking

around Unnichai Tank

Lunch with a local family

Boat ride with local fishermen






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