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Magnificent Tour to the Rooftop of the World
( 7 Days )

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Start of the Tour


11.55 p.m. – Check-in to Bandaranaike International Airport for your departure flight to Milan.

Day 01

Lake Garda / Padua

Flight departs early in the morning at 03.05 Hrs. and arrive in Italy in the afternoon , meet and assist at the Malpensa Airport and transfer to the bus for a Commence your sightseeing tour for the day by coach. You will head to Lake Garda in the Italian Lakes area on an orientation tour while heading to padua. On this orientation tour, discover the scenic wonders of Lake Garda. You will have free time to soak in the view of Lake Garda and have a glimpse of Italian Lakes. Thereafter, continue your tour to Padua and visit St Anthony’s Basilica .

Coach that will take you to an Indian Restaurant for Dinner and over night stay in Padua hotel.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Its wider part to the south is surrounded by moronic hills that were left following the glacier recession, while the narrow northern part is enclosed by the mountains that create its fjord-shape configuration and provide a very mild Mediterranean climate. The luminous environment, temperate climate, and flourishing vegetation-mainly olive and lemon groves, palms, cypresses, oleanders and orange trees – along with the majestic landscapes are the background to the remarkable historical and cultural remains spread all around and make this lake the most charming in Italy. Given the intense colour of its water with a marked shade of blue and matchless transparency, Lake Garda is a unique spot where visitors and guests can enjoy a holiday full of relaxation, sports, fun and thrill of discovering new places.

Unlike most European cities with their highly-visible tourist sites, Milan requires a bit more patience and exploration. Partly destroyed by the bombing raids of World War II, Milan has rebuilt itself into a business capital. Milan has become a paradise for shoppers, sports lovers, opera fans, nightlife enthusiasts and of course fashion aficionados.

Lake Garda

Day 02

Padua / Tronchetto / Venice / Verona

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

At 07.00hrs American Breakfast at Hotel.

08.00 hrs proceed to Tronchetto on arrival you will be taken in a Water Taxi Boat that takes you to St. Mark’s Square – Venice better known as “City of Love”. A tour of Venice – St. Marks will be arranged with guide for 1.5 hrs and you will visit the important sights in this “City on Water”. You will certainly visit St. Mark’s Cathedral commonly called as the PIAZZIO a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage site is one of the vital monuments of Venice. Built in around mid-15th century, the building showing Renaissance Architecture served as the government house till 20th century. You will get to see the famous “BRIDGE OF SIGHS” and the Clock Tower. The two Bronze figures on the clock tower are among main attractions of the city, symbolic of the passing time. Your tour will end with a visit to a Glass Blowing display. Venice is amazingly beautiful city. For you to explore the shops and sights in Venice we will give you 2 Hrs. free time.

At 13.15hrs take boat from St Marks Square back to Tronchetto to rejoin coach to leave Tronchetto to Verona.

VERONA – Commence 2 hrs tour of Verona is so richly endowed with picturesque streets ,squares, art and architecture, it is hardly possible to imagine a city that has a more appealing character. It is, quite rightly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s history is well illustrated by famous monuments and building buildings. The amphitheatre, built around 30 AD, is the third largest in Italy and there are other Roman remains, such as a theatre and the rebuilt Gavi, Arch. The fourth-century shrine of Verona’s patron saint, St. Zeno, lies beneath the stunning Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, a trump of Romanesque architecture built in the 12th century. Other Romanesque masterpieces include the small Basilica of San Lorenzo, the large Church of Santa Maria Antica and the striking cathedral, with its fine Gothic interior.

On completion of sightseen tour in Verona we proceed to same hotel in Padua for Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Venice – It is a group of over 100 islands Connected by bridges and listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is the capital city of the Veneto Region and has received its name from Venetian people who were among the first few inhabitants of the region.

Day 03

Verona / Pisa / Florence

Hot Buffet Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast head to Pisa.

Meet your English speaking Guide and set off to discover the sights of Pisa on an hour-long walking tour. Stop at the key sights to learn about their history. Check-out the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as grandiose landmarks like the Cathedral at Pisa and Campo Santo – the city’s monumental cemetery. Your informative guide will take you on a thorough guided walking tour of Piazza dei Miracoli and its monuments which are called “miracles” because of their incredible beauty and uniqueness. Stop for photos next to the elegant landmark.

Late afternoon, bid your guide good bye and join the coach to head to Florence.

Upon arriving in Florence, meet your guide and commence on a 3 Hour sightseeing tour of Florence. Take a stroll through the heart of Florence and learn what make this city known as the birthplace We will also see the Piazza della Signoria, with the town hall Palazzo Vecchio, with its massive Romanesque, crenelated fortress-palace. It is among the most impressive town halls of Tuscany! We stop by the famed Duomo, the Baptistery and “Gates of Paradise”, as well as the picture postcard perfect Pontevecchio. This icon of the city will amaze you with its grandeur and beauty! Make sure to stop and have a gelato at one of the incredible shops lining the streets. There are plenty of other treasures to explore along the way and your guide will make sure to point out each one and explain its importance and history to you.

Dinner at an Indian Restaurant and proceed to Hotel in Florence for overnight stay.

Leaning Tower of Pisa – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the wonders of the world.

Pisa Tower

Day 04

Florence / Rome

Vatican City

Buffet Breakfast at hotel.

Meet at the lobby with luggage to leave for Rome, Eternal City. We will get in to Rome around 11.30 Hrs.

Revel in the treasures of Rome and Vatican City on a full day of exploration led by an expert guide. See remnants of ancient Rome including the legendary Colosseum, the Pantheon and the sprawling Roman Forum while hearing tales of gladiators and emperors and admire baroque Italian art at Piazza Navona, famously lucky Trevi Fountain.

Dinner at Indian restaurant and overnight at hotel in Rome.

Rome, the “Eternal City” is steeped in history, vibrantly alive and exciting, and absolutely unique! In every quarter you will find ancient monuments, art treasures and timeless architecture in churches, galleries and protected ruins. Home to the world’s smallest country, the Vatican, Rome has religion at its heart and history in its soul – a city that dazzles and inspires visitors time and time again.

Vatican City – This tiny city state is home to the Pope, the world’s greatest museum, largest church and the most astounding work of art ever created – Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Roman Forum – At the once-bustling heart of ancient political, judicial and commercial power there’s now an evocative emptiness, punctuated by grandiose arches, sporadic columns and carved rubble.

Colosseum – Imperial Rome constructed many impressive monuments, including this spectacular amphitheatre.

St. Peter’s Basilica, the world renowned Vatican Museum with Sistine Chapel, built between 1475 and 1483 in the time of Pope Sixth IV. St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most famous churches in the Western World. The church is built on Vatican Hill, across the Tiber River from the historic centre of Rome. The location is highly symbolic: this was the site where Saint Peter, the chief apostle, died a martyr and where he was buried in 64 AD. St. Peter is considered the first pope, so it made perfect sense for the papacy to build the principal shrine of the Catholic Church in Rome. It has many beautiful frescoes, which depict the history of the universe, God and humanity. Do not miss the beautiful Pieta, the renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo. Please note that Shorts or Miniskirts are not allowed.

Day 05

Rome / Naples / Pompeii / Rome

Buffet breakfast at hotel.

Leave hotel for full day excursion to Pompeii & Naples.

Enjoy an exciting and informative 2 hour walking tour of the remarkable city of Naples, and discover why it is considered one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the Mediterranean. See the very best of this ancient and mystical city with an expert tour guide who will explain its hidden gems, legends, and action-packed history.

Walk past the Royal Palace of Naples, where the great Bourbon Kings once resided, and explore the spectacular Real Teatro di San Carlo, Naples’ beautiful opera house. Continue on to San Francesco di Paola, a beautiful church located at the Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples’ main city square, and stroll through the beautiful Gallery of Umberto I, a public shopping gallery opposite the San Carlo opera house, the oldest opera house in Italy. You will also see Santa Chiara and the Church of Jesus.

On completion, you will proceed to Pompeii, one of the most significant proofs of Roman civilization and like an open book, provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and every day of life of the past. Commence a sightseeing tour of 3 Hours with your guide. This tour consists of a marvellous walk around the ancient Roman city of Pompeii which was buried in the ashes of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A.D. On this three-hour tour, you will see most of the important sights.

A walk in Pompeii is a very intense experience; you’ll have the feeling of wandering in a still living town. Learn about the history of the town and how the Romans lived and see all the most important public buildings and private houses.

Pompeii has been a tourist destination for more than 250 tears. Today, it is a World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, with approximately 2.5 million visitors every year. Once a thriving Roman city, Pompeii was destroyed by a cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Ash and soot engulfed the entire settlement, killing nearly 3,000 people and preserving the city in its original state. This is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the city in its original state. This is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. Together with the neighbouring Herculaneum, which suffered the same fare, Pompeii presents an amazing opportunity to see how people lived nearly 2,000 years ago.

It was here-on a summer’s day in the year 79 AD-that Mount Vesuvius erupted, spewing volcanic ash over the prosperous city of Pompeii. Unaware of the imminent danger, most people continued on with their daily lives. As a result, the entire town and around 20,000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and burning pumice. Almost 2,000 years later, ancient Pompeii remains preserved and the artefacts on display provide a fascinating insight into life in the roman era. Enter the ancient site with your guide and see first- hand the houses, street and public buildings locked in time by the volcanic ash. See Pompeii’s ancient piazza and Forum, where business dealing, elections, speeches and processions would have played out during roman times. Wander the site, marvel at the ancient limestone columns still standing today and capture the centuries-old scenery on camera. Continue onward with your guide to the thermal baths, where many of the townsfolk would have bathed, chatted and lived out their daily lives before the eruption. Wander down Via Degli Augustali and discover the Lupanare, Pompeii’s brothel. A 2-storey building with five rooms on each floor, the Lupanare is decorated with some of the city’s most lustful frescoes. Explore the Casa dei Vettii, a luxury residence in the town. Careful excavation has revealed a number of beautiful frescoes on the walls of the house, evidence of the wealth and stature of its former inhabitants

On completion, drive back to Rome for Dinner and overnight stay same hotel in Rome.


Day 06

Rome / Colombo

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

At 07.00 hrs American Breakfast at hotel.

We will check out hotel and leave Rome to Vatican to commence 2 hrs tour of St Peters basilica with guide .

11.15 am – leave Vatican to Rome airport for departure for our our flight to Colombo.

Day 07


Arrive in Colombo.

Bandaranaike International Airport

Cost of Tour

  • Rs. 259,000/- Per Person – Adult
  • Rs. 249,000/- Per Child
  • Single supplement – Rs. 95,000/- per-person

Tour Package includes:

• Cost of Airfare on Economy Class
• Accommodation Twin Sharing – 3 or 4 Star Hotels
• Daily American Breakfast/Dinner
• Airport Transfers
• Motor Coach with Driver – A/C Coach
• English speaking Guide for Sightseeing Tours
• Road Toll Fees
• Entrance to Attractions/Sights
• Bed tax

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