Norwegian Fjords

Unique 10 Day Tour with 7 Night Cruise With all meals, drinks and cocktails included. This tour gives you an amazing insight to the much loved cities in Norway coupled with visits to the famous NORWEGIAN FJORDS
( 10 Days / 07 Nights )

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The Nordic concept will never be as literal and gratifying as with this cruise. You will travel farther north visiting more places than ever in 7 nights.
Brightly lit fishing ports, postcard views, convenient cities, canals, fjords, herring… will pass by as you watch on from the decks.

When you reach the northern waters, feast your eyes on the astonishing beauty of Norway filled with endless natural scenery.

Day 01


25th August

Check-in at Bandaranaike International Airport for your flight to Rostock (Germany).


You will arrive in Rostock and proceed for embarkation to the Cruise Ship which starts sailing from Rostock at 20:00 hrs.

Depending on arrival time, we will make every effort to offer a tour of Rostock.


This German city is one of the main ports of the country in the Baltic Sea. Rostock still retains a walled part with its medieval towers, as well as a medieval convent that is now the city’s museum. 

In addition, another place of interest in Rostock is the church of Santa Maria, characterized by its astronomical clock, one of the oldest in northern Europe.

When you are sightseeing in Rostock you will have the opportunity to visit the Old Market Square, which today is full of souvenir shops and craft products, as well as the Media City, where more modern buildings, such as the Town Hall, are located.

The Plaza del Mercado Nuevo or the church of Santa Maria are also not to be missed.

Day 02

Full day you will be on board (Fun at sea)

26th August

Meal Plan: All meals included for the day on board

Pullmantur Cruises will offer you their services on board and you will have a full day to sample them all.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy your day on board in a Spanish style of cruising.

Delicious meals are available at all times from four restaurants scattered throughout the vessel.

Don’t forget to check out the theatre where you can spend time watching a movie with friends or family.

A Spa and beauty center are also available to help make sure that you’re looking your very best at all times, and to pamper yourself; put you in a truly relaxed mood.

A Games room for children will make sure the little ones can have fun in their own way, too.

And that’s only a few examples.

You’ll sleep overnight on board.

Day 03

Port: Stavanger (Norway)

27th August

Arrival: 08:00 – Departure: 19:00 hrs

The ship will dock at port Stavanger, Norway, at 08:00 hrs.

On this day, You can continue relaxing aboard or you can go an excursion in the city if you feel like it.

A unique destination, one of the most spectacular places in the world, is the city of Stavanger. It is located in the southwest of Norway and has become the fourth largest city in the country thanks to its high population (since it has approximately 123,000 inhabitants), its oil activity, and the great industry that its fishing port presents. In addition, it is also one of the most culturally steeped cities in Norway.

Gamle Stavanger, also known as the old district of Stavanger, is one of the corners of the city that you cannot miss, as well as the Ovre Holmegate street, located on the other side of the harbor, where you can find gaudy colored buildings in which most of the city’s shops are located.

Ship will start sailing for Bergen at 19:00 hrs.

Day 04

Port: Bergen (Norway)

28th August

Arrival:09:00-Departure: 17:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: all meals/drinks included onboard

The ship will arrive at Bergen at 09:00 hrs.

As before, you can stay onboard, or take an optional city tour; see the sights, go shopping…

See the most outstanding Norwegian fjords, or their counterpart; the most amazing landscapes of Scandinavia. Bergen is a city nestled between the seven mountains that make up the Syv Fjell (Meaning “Seven Mountains” in Norwegian) valley. In addition to getting in touch with Norwegian nature, you can also visit some of Bergen’s attractions, such as the Hanseatic Museum and the Schøtstuene Museum.

Another of the main tourist attractions of Bergen is the Bryggen neighborhood. It is the area of ​​the pier and has very colorful houses, dating from the eighteenth century, full of history. Undoubtedly it is one of the most famous and demanded snapshots of the city.

The ship will start sailing for the next destination at 17:00 hrs, so make sure you get back aboard on time!

You will stay overnight on board.

Day 05

Port: Flam (Norway)

29th August

Arrival: 07:00 Departure: 18:30 hrs
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks included onboard

On this day, the ship will arrive in Flam at 07:00 hrs.

Optional shore excursions can be taken, as usual.

Flam town is known for being the starting point of one of the most attractive train routes in Norway. You can admire beautiful landscapes, snowy mountains, ravines and rivers crossing steep slopes. This train has one of the steepest railway routes in the world.

The contrasts between snowcapped mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls and a beautiful flowering landscape offer magical moments that make your trip a worthwhile.

The ship is scheduled to sail at 18:30 hrs, so you will have to return in time.

You’ll sleep overnight on board as the ship pushes on for the next stop.

Day 06

Port: Geiranger (Norway)

30th August

Arrival: 12:00 hrs – Departure:18:00 hrs
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks included onboard

Port: Hellesylt (Norway)

Arrival: 20:00 hrs – Departure: 21:30 hrs
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks included onboard

The Ship will dock at Geiranger at 12:00 hrs.

Shore excursions: Optional, as usual.

One of the most beautiful areas of Norway, this small town, together with Hellesylt, makes up one of the most picturesque colonies on the Norwegian coast. 


When it comes to tourist attractions in Geiranger, you can’t miss one of the most imposing natural beauties in the world, the Geiranger fjord

It is located on the northwest coast of the country and has an extension of 15 kilometers, being the most visited natural space in Norway.


Another of the important places of Geiranger is the area of ​​the Cascadas de las Siete Hermanas

Located in the western part of the town, the tallest of them all stands more than 250 meters high. In addition, this nature space in Norway was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The ship will start sailing due Hellesylt at 18:00hrs, so plan to conclude your land tour by then.

You’ll stay overnight on board.


Ship will arrive at Hellesylt at 20:00 hrs.

Shore excursions are optional, as usual, but this town is a must visit if you love rustic natural beauty.

Hellesylt is a small town of just 300 inhabitants, whose houses are located around a spectacular waterfall that crosses the town until it empties into the fjord, creating an impressive natural scenery

This village is located next to Sunnylvsfjord, a small waterfall connected to the great fjord of Storfjod.

Another attraction of Hellesylt is the excursions and bicycle rides along the roads and the margins of the waterfalls and fjords. 

However, nature is not the only pleasure you will find in Hellesylt. You will also have the opportunity to experience the typical culture of a Norwegian village and its more traditional customs. To this end, the most recommendable thing is that you go on a walk until you reach the Old Port, historically used by the Vikings of legends.


Ship will start sailing at 21:30 hrs, so make your schedules tight!

Overnight stay on board.

Day 07

Port: Alesund (Norway)

31st August

Arrival: 08:00 hrs – Departure: 17:00 hrs
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks included onboard

Ship will arrive at Alesund at 08:00 hrs.

Shore excursions: Optional

The city ​​of Alesund, in Norway, is located in the upper part of the Sunnmore fjords, at the mouth of the beautiful Geiranger fjord. 

At this picturesque location, you will behold the huge mountains that crown its entire coastline and the numerous islands and islets that make the impressive fjord a tranquil and idyllic environment.

Alesund invites you to discover a city made up of very colorful buildings, these buildings have been constructed with materials from the local area, such as stone and brick. 

What differentiates Alesund from the rest of the Norwegian cities is its recognizable features of the Art Noveau style that extend not only through some of its streets, but also through the entire urban core of the city.

You will stay overnight on board as the ship carries you onward to the next destination- Trondheim.

Day 08

Port: Trondheim (Norway)

01st September

Arrival: 08:00 hrs
Meal Plan: all meals/drinks included onboard

You will arrive at Trondheim at 0800hrs and disembark for a 3 hour city tour.

The oldest city in Norway and the third largest, surpassed only by Oslo and Bergen, Trondheim is located in the county of Sør-Trøndelag, right where the river Nidelva flows into the Trondheim fjord, offering you landscapes worthy of pure, undiluted admiration. 

You will quickly notice that it is a city full of life and Viking tradition.

Among the highlights of Trondheim are the Nidaros Cathedral, built in 1070, the Archbishop’s Palace, which is the oldest secular monument in the Scandinavian region, dating from the 12th century, and the Stiftsgarden, a wooden palace which was the official residence of the Norwegian kings when they visited the city.

You’ll say farewell to your ship at this point and leave for Trondheim airport to fly over to Oslo.
You will arrive in Oslo on the same day and be transferred to a hotel for overnight stay.

Breakfast will be served to you at the hotel.

Day 09

Oslo (Norway)

02nd September

The day will begin with a half-day long city tour, with a guide, of one of the most populous cities

and the capital of Norway, Oslo.

As one of Europe’s fastest growing cities this decade, Oslo is buzzing with energy from new neighborhoods, simmering with cutting-edge food at every corner, and full of modern fashion and art scenes.

Captivating landmarks like the Opera House, the Astrup Fearnley Museum, and Barcode continuously change the face of the city, and yet Oslo maintains its refreshing closeness to nature that few other capitals can match. Nestled between the Oslo fjord and forested hills, Oslo was named European Green Capital 2019 for its dedication to conserving natural areas and reducing pollution.

Oslo’s restaurant scene is diverse and constantly evolving with new, innovative kitchens – many of them with fresh approaches to Norwegian ingredients and food traditions.

Art lovers will like to visit the famous works at The National Museum and The Munch Museum and browse through the city’s numerous galleries.

At the end of the day, you’ll leave for Oslo airport for your departure flight to Colombo.

Day 10

Colombo (Sri Lanka)

03rd September

On this day you will arrive in Colombo with your mind still resounding with the natural beauty, art and architecture, and vibrant Norwegian history you became immersed in.

10 Day Tour to Roof Top of the World Tibet
Covering Lhasa & Shigatse

Departure: 02nd September 2018

10 Days / 08 Nights

Cost of Tour

Inside Cabin

Adult Rs 425,000 Per Person + Port charges /Taxes Euro 279
Child Rs 415,000 Per Person (Sharing parent’s room)

Outside Cabin

Adult Rs. 425,000/- + EURO 300 per Person + Port Charges & Taxes
Child (Max 02 sharing Parents Room) Rs. 415,000 per Child + EURO 300+ Port Charges & Taxes
Single Supplement (additional) Rs. 95,000/-

Included on Tour

  • Return Air ticket on Economy class
  • 7 Night Cruise ticket
  • All meals on board the Cruise Ship 7 Nights + drinks and cocktails
  • Transfers to Ship
  • Airport transfers

Not Included

  • Administration and service fee Euro 77/- (to be paid on board) as tips to cruise
  • ship staff
  • Shore Excursions


Additional Euro 400/- We are working on a group fare. However, if you wish to deviate or travel to any other destination, difference in Airfare will be Euro 400- per person.


Deposit of Rs.150,000/- at the time of booking. Recommend full payment to secure Cabins at promotional rates.

Entry Visas:

You will be required to have a Multiple Schengen Visa from the Norwegian Embassy. We will assist and co-ordinate in the documentation. Visa requires considerable time and we recommend that you commence documentation early at least 8/10 weeks prior to departure. Visa process will not be undertaken until documentation is completed. You must apply for Visas 2 months prior to departure.


In the event you cancel your tour following voluntary amounts will be applicable:
120 – 90 days prior to departure – No charge
90 – 60 days prior to departure – Rs. 50,000
60 – 45 days prior to departure – Rs. 75,000
45 – 30 days prior to departure – Rs. 100,000
30 – 0 days prior to departure – No refund