Baltic Capitals Russia

10 DAY TOUR WITH 7 NIGHTS CRUISE TO BALTIC CAPITALS, RUSSIA & SCANDINAVIA Unique Cruise with all meals drinks and cocktails included. Departure from Colombo -17 August 2018 Sailing Date –18 August 2018
( 10 Days / 7 Nights )

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It’s all about sea… Something Magical… One of the characteristics that the Baltic Sea shares with the coastlines that surround it is its low salinity. This is due to various reasons which make this magical sea even more mysterious. Its high latitude means there is very little evaporation. And, if we add the several rivers that flow into it, as well as how narrow its mouth into the open sea is, the discharging and refreshing of salt water is a very slow process. It is not very deep either (59 meters on average) which also helps it to be the pound heir to the largest deposit of amber in the world.

Your Cruise Ship – Monarch, will call on several fascinating Ports giving you amazing scenic destinations to admire the beauty of Seas of the North… Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Russia – St. Petersburg, Tallinn- Estonia

Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

Check-in at Bandaranaike International Airport for your departure flight in the evening. Anticipate a sea-bound voyage full of wonder, beauty, and excitement!

Day 02

Port: Helsinki (Finland)


Departure: 20:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

You will arrive in Helsinki in the morning.
Then you’ll proceed to the cruise ship for the embarkation.
Helsinki is known as the daughter of the Baltic and is the capital of Finland. The city is located at the south of the peninsula, in a natural environment with a lot of small islands. Its downtown area is growing faster than that of any other cities in Europe, and it has a unique structural signature consisting of low-rise buildings, open spaces and many parks.
It was in the capital of Finland, towards the east of the Scandinavia region, where the sauna was first introduced to the world.
This city is steeped in both Russian and Scandinavian culture, which interact in many interesting ways.
The cruise ship will set sail at 20:00 hrs. You will stay overnight onboard.

Day 03

Port: St Petersburg (Russia)

19th August

Arrival: 10:00hrs
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

On this day, the ship will dock at St Petersburg, Russia at 10:00 Hrs.
St. Petersburg shore excursions to discover the city OPTIONAL.
Saint Petersburg is a fascinating place that never fails to captivate any visitor. If you decide to explore this place, you will visit a spectacular city which is the second largest city in Russia. It is situated at the delta of the Neva River and it is surrounded by 42 islands. It was the capital of Russia for many years and was founded by Tsar Peter the Great and the name of the city was changed several times because of the political changes the city suffered through. Saint Petersburg was at times named Petrograd and Leningrad.
The Russian city of St Petersburg is known as “the Empress of the Baltic” and features an array of stunning architecture; all split up by a series of canals. Make sure to visit the enormous Palace Square, which was laid out in 1829. This prominent square is steeped in Russian history and has played a part in many revolutions of the 20th century.
On conclusion of the tour of St. Petersburg, you’ll return to the cruise ship, where you will stay overnight onboard.

Day 04

Port: St Petersburg (Russia)

20th August

Departure: 18:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

This will be another lovely day at St Petersburg.
Try to discover more about Saint Petersburg (OPTIONAL) by making a visit to Pushkin Palace and Park.
The summer Palace is the heart of Tsarskoe Selo – one of the most picturesque parks among the former residences of the Russian Emperors. Here you will get the opportunity to taste the atmosphere of the Royal way of life in all its splendor.
It is almost hard to believe, but basically everything inside the palace exists in the condition you see only thanks to the result of a careful restoration project. This restoration was officially considered finished just 8 years ago after the works on the legendary Amber Room were finally completed, following the mysterious disappearance during the World War II.
Today, tourists from all over the world come to the Pushkin to behold the marvelous park and Catherine’s Palace.
Make sure to come back to the vessel by 17.00 Hrs as the ship’s scheduled departure is at 18.00 Hrs.
You will stay overnight onboard

Day 05

Port: Tallinn (Estonia)

21st August

Arrival: 09:00 Departure: 16:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

The ship will drop anchor in Tallinn; Estonia at 0900Hrs.

If you wish to go on a tour of this city as well, shore excursions can be booked onboard. (OPTIONAL)

Discover one of the most important ports in the Baltic Sea: the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, which is known as the Jewel of Northern Europe and the Baltic.

After the Second World War, Talinn was in a heavily damaged state because of bombing, the city was later rebuilt to restore it to the spectacular city which it had been in the past.

You will notice that when walking through this city, it feels like you’re living in a medieval legend. This is owing to the unforgettable medieval ambiance that permeates every aspect of Tallinn.

Overnight stay onboard

Day 06

Port: Nynäshamn (Sweden)

22nd August

Arrival: -9:00hrs. Departure: 20:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

The ship will arrive in Nynashamn of Sweden at 0900Hrs.

Shore Excursions can be booked onboard for guided tours of the city. (OPTIONAL)

Nynäshamn is located on the southern tip of the Stockholm archipelago, and is a simply lovely spot to relax and sample local Swedish cuisine.

This city, which lies about 60 km south of Stockholm, is well known for being one of the places on the Swedish mainland from where ferries to the island Gotland depart. As a result, this city has become a hugely popular destination for Swedes of all ages throughout the year.

Your ship will sail out of Sweden at 20:00 Hrs, so make sure to return with time to spare!

You will stay overnight onboard as the ship continues its voyage.

Day 07

Full day at Sea

23rd August

Arrival: – Departure:
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

As the next port is a day and night of sailing away, you will be on the sea throughout this day.

During this day of sailing, you are free to enjoy the services on board and do whatever you want.

You can relax in the Spa while having a massage, surf the internet, play one of the many sports we offer onboard, or visit the gym.

Sunbath on the upper decks while enjoying your favorite drink, try your luck in the casino, or enjoy any of the multitude of other entertainment options available to you.

After a day of getting familiar with the vessel and making new friends, you’ll go to sleep onboard in anticipation of the next landfall at Malmö

Day 08

Port: Malmö Frihamnen (Sweden)- Copenhagen

24th August

Arrival: -08:00hrs. Departure: 18:00 hrs.
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

The Ship will dock at Malmö Frihamnen (Sweden)- Copenhagen, at 08:00 Hrs.

Malmö Frihamnen shore excursions OPTIONAL if you want to tour the city.

Also known as Malmoe, this city is located in the province of Skane, the third largest city in Sweden. It is also closely connected to Copenhaguen in Denmark thanks to the imposing arch bridge Öresund. Despite its great expansion, Malmö remains a small cozy town with many cultural attractions to choose from. You cannot miss the many restaurants and trattorias of excellent quality as well as the great Malmö coffee shops. In addition, you will have a wide variety of places to go shopping. This is a good place to grab some mementoes and trinkets to share when you get back home.

Overnight stay onboard as you sail on for Germany.

Day 09

Port: Rostock (Germany)

25th August

Arrival: 08:00 hrs. Departure
Meal Plan: All meals/drinks are included onboard

You will arrive at Rostock, Germany at 0800hrs and disembark.

Then you’ll proceed on a half a day city tour of Berlin, with the BERLIN WALL as a highlight.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is also the largest city with a population of over 4.5 million within its metropolitan area, and 3.5 million from over 190 countries within the city limits.

Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, attributes of internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, its many cafés, clubs, bars, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest.

Berlin’s architecture is quite varied. Although badly damaged in the final years of World War II and broken apart during the Cold War, Berlin has reconstructed itself greatly, especially with the reunification push after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

It is now possible to see representatives of many different historic periods in a short time within the city center, from a few surviving medieval buildings near Alexander Platz, to the ultra-modern glass and steel structures at Potsdamer Platz.

Finally, you’ll depart from Berlin, marking the end of a journey you’re unlikely to forget in a lifetime.

Day 10


26th August

On this day you will arrive in Colombo in the morning, your bags full of gifts for friends, and your mind full of all the great sights you saw and the experiences you went through.

Cost of Tour

INSIDE CABIN Rs. 425,000/- per Person + Port charges / Taxes (Estimated Euro 279)
Child (Max 02 sharing parent’s room) Rs. 415,000/- per child
Single Supplement (additional) Rs. 95,000/-
OUTSIDE CABIN Rs.425, 000/- + EURO 250per Person + Port Charges & Taxes
Child (Max 02 sharing Parents Room) Rs. 415,000- Per Child + EURO 300+ Port Charges & Taxes
Single Supplement (additional) Rs. 95,000/-

Included on Tour

  • Return Air ticket on Economy class in Qatar Airways.
  • Night Cruise ticket
  • All meals on board the Cruise Ship 7 Nights
  • Transfers to Ship and back
  • Transfers to airport
  • Half a day city tour of Berlin


  • Administration and service fee Euro 72/- (to be paid on board) as tips to cruise
  • ship staff
  • Shore Excursions


Restricted due to extremely high fare difference.


Deposit of Rs.150, 000/- at the time of booking. Recommend full payment to secure Cabins at promotional rates. Balance payment latest 18th June 2017


You will be required to have a Multiple Schengen Visa from the Norwegian Embassy. We will assist and co-ordinate in the documentation. Visa requires considerable time and we recommend that you commence documentation early at least 8/10 weeks prior to departure. Visa process will not be undertaken until documentation is completed. You must apply for Visas 2 months prior to departure. Which in the cutoff date. Norwegian embassy takes 45 days for processing.


In the event you cancel your tour following voluntary amounts will be applicable

120 – 90 Days prior to departure No charge
90 – 60 Days prior to departure Rs. 50,000
60 – 45 Days prior to departure Rs. 75,000
45 – 30 Days prior to departure Rs. 100,000
30 Days prior to departure No Refund

Please note

Once you make an advance payment the passengers are not allowed shift to another tour.