Proceed to home to generations of sun seekers. Bentota is known for its slow pace, wide range of water sports and scenic beach. Also home to the practice of Ayurveda and visitors will find a plethora of spas, first class wellness programmes. Visit the beach at sunset. It is nice to watch the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Listen to the melody of the waves crashing gently on to the shore.

Sri Lanka is a teardrop shaped island in the Indian Ocean and is blessed with all the ingredients for a perfect sun and sand holiday. The endless golden sand beaches trimmed with palm trees, the sparkling blue Indian Ocean waters, and the warm and tropical year-round climate is just perfect for whenever you want to enjoy the beach. These are actually just the basics…and we’ve definitely got them right.
Southern coastal belt has many pockets of absolutely gorgeous flat and wide sandy beaches. The lagoons found in this area make safe all-year round swimming. Bentota has possibly the best beach in the entire south coast, while Hikkaduwa is famed for its corals and water-based activities like diving and snorkeling. The south coast is affected by the south-west monsoon from May to September, so the best time to enjoy the south coast beaches are from November to April.

Just across the Bentota Bridge over the River Bentara also called Bentota Ganga is the coastal town of Bentota. Bentota is a very pretty rural area: the greenery of the landscape is especially striking. Most of the areas are well shaded and sheltered by tall trees with the coconut palm trees dominating the landscape.

Bentota is the prime beach resort of the south-western and southern coastal belts of Sri Lanka. South of the city of Colombo, the city of Kalutara with its fine beach is the gateway to south western and southern bay beaches. Kalutara is the next popular beach. The Beruwala Bay Beach that is just before reaching Aluthgama at the Bentota Bridge and Bentota Bay Beach just over the bridge are the most popular twin beaches in the coast.

Bentota National Holiday Resort Complex, constructed to a design by architect Geoffrey Bawa in the 1970s, occupies the strip of land between the Galle Road and the Colombo-Galle-Matara railway track, is home to a range of luxury hotels, shopping arcade Railway station, Post office, Bank, shopping Arcade, a Tourist Information Centre and other stalls providing services to the holiday makers. Since the establishment of the complex, it has been expanded to cater to the growing demands of the increased tourist traffic to Bentota. The shopping arcade houses a chain of shops selling drums, masks and handmade lace. The open air theater regularly stage-mange shows of folk and mask dancing. River Bentara, the legendary river at Bentota flows into the Indian Ocean forming a lagoon at the last section of the river. River Bentara and lagoon set up the widest array of water sports among all the beach resorts of Sri Lanka: Jet-ski, windsurf, parasail or enjoy a romantic river safari. On the northern end of the Resort is the Bentota estuary formed by the broad Bentara River that flows into the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka’s most popular beach affords all the opportunities to the water sport enthusiasts to enjoy with swimming, body-surfing, diving and a range of water sports at the river and lagoon as well as on the Bentota Beach.

The waters are usually delightfully warm; a range of scuba diving and snorkeling stores in the vicinity, the majority operated by industry certified professionals holding the PADI certification provide equipment, assistance and guidance to the diving enthusiasts. Bentota is a true dream destination for the die-hard divers.

Take a short boat trip offshore to dive over the coral reefs, grab a snorkel and mask to paddle your way through tropical fish, or take advantage of the lively breezes on the west coast from December to March to windsurf. If speed is one of those cravings of yours, then Bentota offers jet- ski and water-ski opportunities on the lagoon.

Bentota offers water sports possibilities nowhere else to be found. Apart from swimming, body-surfing or diving in the sea, you can jet-ski, windsurf, parasail or enjoy a romantic river safari on the river and lagoon
The area around Bentota is brimming with fabulous attractions, from firm tourist favorites to quiet, secret places that are waiting just for you. Heading 4 miles south Beruwala where you can check out the Beruwela Harbour and Kande Vihare Temple.

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