Tuk Tuk Tour

Tuk Tuks or three wheeled taxis probably deliver the most interesting form of travel in Sri Lanka. It is the perfect solution for traffic stricken streets and for short journeys through cross-crossed lanes. They are compact vehicles of small volume that announce their arrival with the sound of shrill horns and spluttering engines. They accommodate 2 or 3 adults and can cruise through even the busiest streets with great ease. The Tuk Tuk tour will take you on a journey to witness some of the most popular destinations in Colombo. The drive in the tuk tuk itself will be an experience on its own. You can beat the heat of sunny Colombo while feeling the rush of the wind as you make your way down the charming streets of the city. All the popular spots in Colombo including Independence Square, Viharamahadewi Park and the Dutch Hospital are all minutes away from each other by tuk tuk. The tour will also consist of a few “non-touristy” stops to give you a real sense of what the city has to offer.

If you have any special request for places that you’d like to visit, all you have to do is inform your driver and he will whiz you away to the destination in no time.

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