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Our Vision

To be the premier outbound and inbound tour operator in Sri Lanka, While serving our clients to their satisfaction, And gaining the trust, Of all our stake holders.


Our Mission

To take Sri Lankans ever closer to the world, To bring the world ever closer to Sri Lanka, With Friendly Attitudes,Outstretched hands, Smiling faces and Kind hearts.


From the Chairperson’s Desk

Somewhere out there lies an amazing world full of fascinating places and tantalizing new experiences. You see yourself looking out on spectacular landscapes, wandering through amazing ruins or exploring the Earth’s romantic places. Sooner or later the moment comes when you just cannot resist the desire to go out and transform those fantasies into reality. At Qwest we believe that no one understands this ‘desire’ better than we do. My own passion for travel, on journeys to fantastic places has played a crucial part in convincing many others to experience great journeys across the globe. If you share my hunger to live life to its utmost, to immerse yourself in this world crowded with wonders, Qwest provides an ideal platform. We provide first hand travel information with irresistible rates, comprehensive information and endlessly inspiring ideas for itineraries. When you join us, we assure you that you will travel extensively on several different life enhancing Journeys. Navigate the Baltic Seas, travel the Alaskan lands, and experience the wonders of China or a trip down the Romantic road across Bavaria before ending on the Swiss Alps to discover fascinating mountain scenery. These would be all tailor made for you by your trusted staff at Qwest. For me, one of the greatest joys of travel is the chance to sample new experiences, to meet people and shake up my own ideas. Glance through the pages or visit our website and you will see host of destinations. No matter which of these destinations you choose, I am sure you will come home happier, refreshed and knowing a lot more about our planet than you did before you set out. There is a fantastic, endlessly surprising world out there. If you are ready to go out and savour it to the fullest, Qwest will set you on the road.

Lalanee Perera – Chairperson


A Message from our Managing Director

When we founded Qwest Destinations, we were committed to creating a special kind of Travel Company. We had a desire and a goal to seek out new destinations. Our vision is to offer an exceptional level of service, unique experiences and value for money for every time you experience our services. This is our sincere wish and runs through the very soul of the company. At Qwest Destinations, we offer an unique, sophisticated approach to touring, which enables you to explore interesting and extraordinary places. Now with several years of travel experience firmly under our belt and a staggering array of destinations at our fingertips, with new routes and itineraries added each year, Qwest is poised to take off with more hope and aspirations. When planning your Vacation contact Qwest; A travel company that is recognized for its expertise and its personal touch. We aim to give every one of our customers an unique holiday experience, with a choice of exciting destinations, and lots of the little details that make a big difference. Just let us know what you have in mind for those truly special memories. As the world we live in moves at an even more frenetic pace, time becomes an increasingly precious commodity. We understand that your time is valuable, so from our easy to navigate brochures right through to our personal touch, you will be given guidance from our Travel specialists every step of the way. In our pursuit to expand, keeping in mind the potential to promote Sri Lanka as a destination, we will move swiftly to satisfy the needs of the travellers visiting our paradise isle of Sri Lanka. Our Park Road Office is committed to handle all your inbound holidays to Sri Lanka and you are welcome to test us with your inquiries.


Darshi Ratnayake – Managing Director

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